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5 Reasons Why PDFfiller is Better Than Google Drive

The ability to store important documents in the cloud where they can be accessed any time has become a key necessity in document management. The essential distinctive features of a good online data storage service (for example, Google Drive) used by any kind of business or for private purposes are the volume available and its availability on different types of devices - desktop, mobile and tablets. Having compared all tools represented in the category of cloud services or storing important data we can confidently name PDFfiller as the best alternative to all of them. It comes from the following advantageous features our complete document management platform covers:

Online library of over 25 million fillable documents ready for filling out. Any document you open is automatically stored in your PDFfiller account.
Security not limited to storage but characterizing sharing options too. Users who send files for joint filling can also request additional documents to attach upon singing or enable signer authentication, by means of entering the texted password and taking a photo on the webcam.
Immediate syncing. As soon as any edits have been made to a document the latest version will be accessible on any device from which you want to log in. The previous edits are also stored as versions of the same document, which greatly simplifies restoring initial view of a document or cancelling the unwanted edits.
Secure storage. If needed you can set up the two-factor authentication to access your account or to certain documents separately. They should save into a folder secured by an addition encryption level. It means that you will need to enter the password sent to the mobile number connected to your account to be able access the document.
Unlimited storage. Indeed, PDFfiller, does not limit the customers in how much digital data can be stored in one account.

What our customers say about PDFfiller

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PDFfiller reviews:
Troy W
Aug 15, 2019
Owner Small-Business (2-10 employees)
"Easy to use....however"
What do you like best?The program is easy to use and super convenient. Your documents are always with you on the server PDFIller provides. What do you dislike?Getting in touch with a person in customer service is impossible and emails to cust. serv. have not been answered. I originally signed up as a single user; but then as my needs expanded at my office, I added and paid for three more users. For a while everything worked without issue, but then the other three users could not log-in and the different prompts in my dashboard were saying the subscriptions were active and to this day my office staff works through my sole account which can knock someone off in the middle of something. Show MoreWhat problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?The fax benefit is awesome. I use the program with my insurance agency. It is way more user friendly than Adobe and you don't need a separate service to send a client a form to sign.
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Paula Y
May 28, 2019
Veterinarian/Practice Owner Small-Business (11-50 employees)
"Reliable and enjoyable method for working with .PDF files!"
What do you like best?I like being able to edit and/or fill-in .PDF documents. I also like that I can retrieve documents that I have previously worked on.What do you dislike?I'd like to be able to change the font in the text option, as it doesn't always look right if mismatched.Show MoreRecommendations to others considering the product:I'm not sure how I first heard of PDF FILLER, but am I ever glad that I found it. My advice would be to try it out and see if it suits your needs. I like many of its features, especially the left pane that shows the document pages, and the ability to select only those that you want to include in a print or save maneuver.What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?One use that I have for the program is for one of our telecommuter workers - so that she can enter details on employee time cards, and it looks better than handwriting in notes. Uploading the documents she needs is a breeze, and the program alerts me to activity, for example, when she emails the documents to us for distribution.
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Shannon K
May 28, 2019
Realtor, Investor Small-Business (2-10 employees)
"PDFfiller has been the best PDF tool I've found "
What do you like best?Easy to use but comprehensive options for editing. Quick and efficient which is important with time sensitive docs and a busy life. Some recent new features tells me the company is progressive. I was having technical difficulties one day and support was responsive. I've tried numerous PDF/Editing programs. and this is by far my favorite. It's web based not some ap that you have to download that later crashes your computer. Can access it from any PC so that helps too. What do you dislike?The price is substantially more that I'd like to see. Takes a bit to save file to PC once done editing. can be a little slow at times but still a reliable tool I use at least weekly if not daily. Something in the $50 range would be delightful and it's well above that currently. Maybe efax for this price I have not used the esign feature yet so maybe will try that given our member benefit program is lapsing. Show MoreWhat problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?Quick way to edit and correct documents. Easy to save and access later. Lots of options for composing sending and revising. I only use basic functions but there are several ways to use this valuable tool beyond the features I use that exceed other competitors.
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Charles P
May 21, 2019
Agent/Marketer/Accounting/Office Mgr Small-Business (2-10 employees)
"Very Handy Tool To Have"
What do you like best?Changing things (like dates) on insurance forms helps us a great deal when the insurance information stays the same and only the date needs changed. (Accord forms). We don't have to completely retype an insurance renewal form. So HandyWhat do you dislike?I have helped a colleague in inputting his information on flyers that had someone else's and the eraser showed lines in the final product. I had to figure out what was going on and I figured out I could increase the eraser to remove items rather than going over it several times (like wite-out tape).Show MoreRecommendations to others considering the product:If you need to make changes to documents that you do not want to retype over and over again, then this product is a handy tool. Also, for doing 'already-made-up-flyers' to use for yourself by adding your own information is great. I used to have to remake everything with Corel Draw. This is waaaaaaay easier!!What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?Non really for what I use it for.
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Google Drive reviews:
Mitch H
Jan 31, 2020
Information Technology Specialist Small-Business (2-10 employees)
"Google Drive is the only cloud based storage system you will need!"
What do you like best?The best feature of Google Drive is definitely the ease of access on any platform. We are able to share a range of information throughout the company and can easily be accessed at work or on the go. Personally my favourite thing about Google Drive is the integration functionality with a multitude of online software. We currently have apps such as Airtable, HubSpot & Slack connected to Google Drive via Zapier and this made sharing and storing information so much easier.Another aspect of the Google Drive that we use on a frequent basis and really like, is that you can upload Mircosoft Excel documents which convert in to Google Sheets. This makes editing old documents very easy and we've not had to re-create multiple documents because of this. Google Drive supports multiple different file types including PDF and JPG meaning you will be able to upload and access a majority of your files.This one is more of a neat feature than a benefit, but it’s still worth mentioning. Google Drive’s image recognition technology can actually recognise the content of your pictures. If you’ve visited a famous landmark on a recent vacation and upload a picture of you in front of it, the picture will come up when other users search for that landmark using Google Drive’s search.What do you dislike?The main issue which is quite minor, is that folders in Google Drive do not stand out. It would be nice to make important folders clearly visible. We have many folders throughout all of our google drive accounts and I do struggle to navigate to my key folders. More customisation to make the Drive more personalised would also be a nice improvement. At the moment all of our Google Drive accounts look the same as all of our uploads are stored in folders. Large headers or different themes would be be a positive implementation going forward. Also, switching between Google Drive accounts can be tedious. You have to select the account you want to use and then find the Google Drive icon/app in order to move between accounts. Not major at all but something that would improve the overall experience.Show MoreRecommendations to others considering the product:I recommend connecting your Google Drive account to your mobile devices.Google Drive is also very compatible with a multitude of software so you are very likely to be able to connect Google Drive with other software your company uses.What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?A problem that we have solved since transitioning to Google Drive is that we are able to share content within the company and are not reliant on being in the office to access this. The Google Drive app is easy to use and does not restrict any users whilst on any mobile devices. The main benefits of using Google Drive for our company is we can store report & documents automatically through Zapier. We have over 6000 customer submitted documents that have been stored on the Google Drive in 2019 and this was just from a form submission. Being able to create an archive like this is very important for us as we know where to go to find this information.Another benefit to using Google Drive is the cost. The free limit on storage is 15GB which can quickly be maxed out, however the cost of upgrading your account is very reasonable. We currently have one account at 100GB which costs £15.99 a year and another at 200GB which is works out at £28.80 a year. Value for money!
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Carlos S
Jan 30, 2020
Civil Engineer
"User Centric Cloud Storage System; Required an Excellent Web Connection to Lots Documents"
What do you like best?The most effective thing about Google Drive is that it is actually easy to use. User will get the same experience as if they are using a desktop( right-click alternatives are readily available). Posting data is really simple. User can even create a brand-new folder like in desktops.What do you dislike?Among the flaws in Google Drive is that it always calls for an internet connection with excellent data transfer simply to load the components.Show MoreRecommendations to others considering the product:If your organization have the demand for a common resource to access documents and also folder in a job group the Google Drive is the most effective Cloud storage system for you.What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?As an organization making use of G Suite as its office ecological community, Google Drive plays a vital function in our organizations everyday working and procedure. We establish enterprise mobile applications. In order to share the apk data with the customer, we take advantage of Google Drive. It additionally helps us to track the apk versioning, number builds generated, etc. We additionally utilize Google drive to share the Google Docs, Sheets as well as various other files in between the group and also inside the company. Google drive sustains all the documents formats. We typically take advantage of google drive while sharing bigger data in between task teams.
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Daniel B
Jan 28, 2020
Design Engineer Small-Business (11-50 employees)
What do you like best?Google Drive provides a robust service that you can use for business or personal proposes. It has an easy-going interface, great support, and it worth every dollar you expend on it (and is not too much); you can also integrate with other tools like calendar, meetings, photos, forms, and many more.Also, you can use it with your browser or set up a local App (Drive File Stream or Backup and Sync) depending on if it is personal or business and it allows you to work as if the unit was local on your hard drive or as a shared folder in your organization.What do you dislike?Sometimes, when you handle multiple google accounts (personal or business), you can have some issues with cache on file permission, but in the end, I guess this trouble is with the browser and not with the G Drive service. Other than that is a great choice.Show MoreRecommendations to others considering the product:I guess Google Drive provides the best option; it offers better integration, user interface, and ease of administration, as well as being a single payment that you can scale according to your needs.What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?Since we migrate regular data from legacy servers to the cloud using G Drive, we practically forgot about VPN to share and view documents, files are available 24/7 and you can handle the administration and permission on an intuitive interface. Also, at least for a business, you can have virtually unlimited storage, which means one headache less in your management.
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Marcelo C
Jan 24, 2020
Engenheiro de dados Enterprise (1001-5000 employees)
"Assistance and action for the accumulation and protection of information."
What do you like best?I like this application because it allows me the storage capacity of up to 25GB and up to 100GB favors and assists the conservation of significant data to address commercial problems as required by the customer.It allows the way to run it in other environments or programs, and Android, Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.It improves and guarantees the process of archiving, conservation and acquisition of data: images, videos, files, and presentations sent and received from the work groups for predictive and prescriptive models.It allows me to work and have my confidential spaces reserved for data updates for interested parties based on analysis that I can later share individually with work teams as needed.It is excellent, it allows me to be confident about the information saved and beneficial when there is damage to the mechanisms used because my files are stored in Google's own programs or computers to recover it whenever I want.It allows me to work using data to discover tasks that can be automated through documents, spreadsheets, forms, graphic designs, flowcharts and my presentations in conjunction with the work teams.What do you dislike?It is excellent does what I need the most outstanding features are those that I require from this application.Show MoreRecommendations to others considering the product:It is a powerful and virtuous tool prepared with tools applicable to the environment with operational activities that include the creation and safekeeping of documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations and the creation of websites or intranet.What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?It is a useful application in the activities that I carry out in conjunction with work teams, and clients allow the possibility of working without an internet connection by simply activating this particularity when I am in places where the connection is poor, on several occasions it has facilitated the option to scan and scan documents from my Android mobile. It is convenient and advantageous because it provides options that promote the collaboration of files between work teams and other Google users.
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